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Suspension Fault Warning on 2006 LR3


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I am not mechanically smart at all but I love my Land Rover. Unfortunately it seems to be one of the most complicated vehicles out there ... I am currently having an issue with my suspension fault light coming on in my LR3. It currently had about 65k miles. I have noticed that it only happens when Im on the highway and have been going over 60mph for a while or if I use the cruise control at a high speed. It immediately goes off when I turn off then restart the car. The manuel says take it in for maintenance, however the closest dealership is over 100 miles away. Any ideas what is causing this or if will cause more damage if maintenance is put off for a while?

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It could be loads of things and without plugging it into a diagnostic computer it's just guessing.

If it keeps resetting when you cycle the ignition, you will get away with it for a while, but be aware that if something fails terminally, you may get warning chimes and find it deflates and sits on the bump stops, which means 25mph or a tow truck to get to the dealer. Your choice on whether to chance it or fix it!

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