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AROC Novice Team Winch Challenge


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After a gap of five years, and returning by popular demand, the Anglian Rover Owners Club (AROC) are running their Novice Team Winch Challenge again in 2013.

For those who have competed in the previous events the format will be very similar. For those who haven’t the general idea is for a team of two vehicles to reach approximately twenty punches and complete some “Special Tasks”. These tasks will include the Flag Pole, Barrel, Tyre and the ever popular Mud Run (subject to weather).

Vehicles do need to be equipped with a winch but other than that can range from standard to full winch challenge spec. They will all need to meet basic scrutineering for safety.

The emphasis of this event is to encourage the novice winch user but there will be classes for the more experienced as well. Few, if any, of the punches will be “driveable” hence the need for each vehicle to have at least one winch. Planning and technique will be the order of the day.

The date: Sunday 31st March 2013 (Easter Sunday)
The venue: Roundhill Woods, nr Tring, Herts.

Camping on the Saturday and Sunday nights is possible by prior arrangement.

Full information, ASR’s & Entry Form:

ASR's - http://www.fileden.com/files/2012/12/29/3381515/ASRs.doc

Entry Form - http://www.fileden.com/files/2012/12/29/3381515/Winch%20Comp%20Entry%20form%20Word%20Final.doc

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This is the first punch event I ever did,!!!!!!!!!

turning up in a 110 and a disco tdi turned a few heads and got a few smiles to say the least.

but i must say it was in at the deep end and Martin did say we had certain style with the bigger trucks (what did that mean martin???)

i must add it was a v v well organised event and set up v v well and any one who is looking to get into the sport then have a go.

if unsure about anything martin and his team well point you in the right direction im sure.

well hope to be attending this event so come on guys and girls get out there!!!!!!!!!!


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