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Morning all. I have been the proud owner of a '96 110 CSW for the past year. It is in almost totally original condition with the exception of the radio and speakers but as she is getting on a bit i would like to bring her upto date.

16 years old, just 100k, every MOT, service every 6k miles throughout her life, hardly a scratch or a dent, matching Boosts all round.

But want to give her a bit of a make over. Thinking retrim of interior door cards, headlining, steps / sliders etc, but want to take ait a bit further; but how far? Snorkle, Masai panoramics, full insulation / sound proofing, new seats all round.

How much is acceptable, how much is too far, any recommendations?

On one hand seems like a ashame to do anything to her as such a good fine, but on the other hand she's bit out of date.

Thoughts please (already aware of the "you dont buy one for the heat / comfort etc so these comments not required. Spent 11 years driving them in the Army so know all the joys, hence my purchace).

Thanks in advance

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there aren't any door trims, without recovering the existing ones or making new.

same goes for headliner, only the LaSalle variant.

personally I don't like the Masai rear side windows they just don't look right

seats can be covered go to Sam's Trim or ExmoorTrim

snorkel isn't needed for normal UK use, it's not dusty over here & deep water wading is rare

IMHO better to leave it as standard, in great condition it's worth more than one that's been played about with.

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I'd second the new dampers/bushes suggestion. While you're under there it'd also be worth checking the condition of the brake discs/calipers/pads: I had to replace all the calipers on my 100,000-mile 2001 TD5 a while back as the pistons were not able to retract smoothly. Rear discs were 50,000-miles-old and worn sufficiently to warrant replacement; I find the front ones only tend to last 20,000 miles before they warp (but that says more about my driving-style than Land/Rover Delphi-Lockheed OEM parts-quality)

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