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300 TDi Timing


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Just a quick one chaps (and chapessessss) i'm changing the head on my Disco shortly (got a newer one off my old disco to go on, plus there is a snapped glow plug in the current one) I also need to do the cambelt, for my own peace of mind as it has an unknown history. If i undo the crank bolt, remove the head etc is it a good idea to do the cambelt whilst it's off?

Obvioulsy the engine will be easier to turn over to check after, but also i can make sure that the pistons are at TDC much easier as well.

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makes sence to do it as you are doutfull of the history,bit of sdvice though if you don't mind me saying, i would crack the crankshaft pulley before you remove the head.(as the bolt is VERY tight evry little bit of resistance helps)<br /><br />ron.

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