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What sealant on exhaust manifolds?


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Evening all!,

I'm Megasquirting a V8 so it's going to have a Lambda sensor in the exhaust.. I'm fitting tubular manifolds and have seen posts suggesting that sealant is a good alternative to the tin or fibre gaskets. I've also seen posts advising that lambda sensors don't like silicon.

I've bought a tube of Hylomar EAP5 which says its good for assembly and has a picture of a flange assembly on the front....

I've also got Tiger Seal but can't find a temp rating....

Has anybody got any thoughts or opinions, or suggest a more suitable alternative?

Thanks, Donald

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Just bare gaskets on the exhaust ports.. They get a tad hot....

Further down the exhaust use exhaust paste.

Don't use silicon in any part of the engine air intake system. It will cause issues with your lambda sensor.

There are lots of good silicon free gasket alternatives for plenum etc.


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