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Snake oil in a spray can


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Seriously .... wtf?


Pristine anti-slip for tyres aerosol is essential for the winter months & means you can drive more safely on ice and snow with a little help from this handy aerosol. Simply spray your tyres to give more grip in snowy & icy conditions to give an inexpensive alternative to snow chains and winter tyres.


2 x Pristine anti-slip for tyres aerosol can (400ml)

Good to know

This product is designed to aid grip in snowy/icy

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At the most this is probably windscreen deicer with a different label.

In the video he drives off like a nutter and slides all over the place, after applying spray he drives off exactly as V8 Freak rightly says you should drive off in snow and lo and behold no slipping...... You could do exactly the same without the spraying step!! How do they get away with selling this carp?

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I wonder if something like this is actually possible? I agree the video proves nothing - but as has been said there are a lot of people selling the stuff so you might hope there has been some proper research?

The video says you have to wait three mins for it to get 'sticky'. It could be possible that something will stick to ice - or increase traction on it. It might be something which raises the melting point of the ice - such that you are driving on solid ice rather than a film of water on top of the ice. This is why, when it gets really cold, you get as good traction on ice as tarmac as the ice on the surface does not melt.

I believe this is in part how winter tyres work - they are soft enough at low temperatures that the rubber deforms and squeezes the water film out from the centre of the lugs - so you are driving on ice rather than water on ice.

Just a thought!


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Interesting..... now where did I put that humble pie? Ah! there it is, right next to my second course.... my hat.

Cheers for finding that Mike :)

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Perhaps it is fine sand suspended in spray glue? Spray it on and your tyres are made of sandpaper for a short while.

A place where I once worked sold little tubs of what looked like grease which allowed you to undo rounded off bolts. In fact, the 'grease' supposedly had diamonds suspended in it which bit into the surfaces of the fastner and the spanner allowing the transmission of much higher torque than would otherwise have been possible.

I guess that not everything that is oily is from the snake...


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