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Starter Button Advice

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Ok, so after reading a few recent threads i have decided i want to fit a starter button to the V8 once its in.

1. To be able to keep the ignition active when i stall it without interupting everything,

2. For the sheer bling factor......

Question is have many of you done it and can you explain how to do it please


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Easily done.

All you need to do is find the tracer white/red wire that goes from your ignition barrel to your starter relay. Tap into that wire and put a feed to one side of the starter button, on the other side put any ignition live (white live from ignition barrel)

That means when you press the button it sends ignition live to the coil of the starter relay, therefore turning the starter.

The mods are all low current, 1mm^2 wire is fine.

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You could wire the switch in series with the NC contact on a relay with it's coil driven by the alternator WL, so that it opens when the engine is running.

To be fair though, must people wouldn't press the button when the engine is running?

On a friends motor, the push button is back-lit. The lamp circuit is driven by the oil pressure warning light. This means the button is back lit when the engine is off, then you press the button, the engine cranks and fires and assuming all is well, the back-light goes out. It works pretty well.


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Any simple way to wire it up so it only works when the engine isn't running?

Via a relay whose coil earths through the oil pressure switch, but it's not infallible as oil pressure can come up whilst cranking. Could use the battery warning light feed in a similar way, but beware of loading the alternator pin too much (if you already have a split-charge running on it*) as some don't like taking lots of current. If you're running MS you could add an output that only goes active above cranking RPM.

I'd run bigger than 1mmsq, the starter solenoid can draw a fair bit, especially if it gets a little sitcky.

* = If you already have a split-charge relay, swap in a 5-pin changeover relay and put the start button on the "normally closed" pin.

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Ok so a few ideas to think about. Would it be possible to take the red/white exciter wire direct to the switch and have the white ignition live wire on the other. Would doing i this way mean that i wouldnt be able to crank the engine over with the key at all?

i.e - key for ignition on and then button to start

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If you take the red-white wire off the barrel and put it on a momentary switch (push button etc.) then that is the only way to turn the starter. If you then use the ignition-live (white) wire to supply that switch, it will only crank when the ignition is on.

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