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Diesel engine identification.

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How can i tell the difference between all of the diesel engines? 2.5TD 200TDI 300TDI

I need to identify a friends defender 90 engine, so i can order some parts for him. I know for sure its not 300 TDI, but i dont know if its just a standard diesel, TD, or TDI.

Can you shed some light please?


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Read the engine number would be the simplest way to be certain.

Obviously a standard diesel has no turbo ;)

300 tdi is serpentine belt.

200 tdi and the td have multiple belts ..... does the td have a cast iron head? where as 300 and 200 have ally heads.

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ali ribbed rocker cover good indication that ita a 200tdi

also a black plastic breather left hand side of rocker cover

looking at engine from front of car

300 tdi is roughly the same but top water thermostat housingis in the shape of a u



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on 200tdi on engines right hand side on the horizontal surface directly below the front injector [nearest radiator]

similar place on 300tdi IIRC

12J & 19J TD engine either front left of engine just forward of the exhaust manifold or on the horizontal surface above the fuel lift pump on engines right hand side.

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