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replace Jump starter with a Proper Battery?


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Should I replace my dying Jump starter with a Proper Battery, or buy another Jump starter?

A few years back I was given a ancient ride-on mower with a knackered battery, so rather than shell out £40 for new (small) battery I spent the same on a booster pack, not so convenient (for mowing), but much more useful.

Sadly the booster pack has died, (basically the charging gubbins has failed) and now I'm faced with buying a replacement. At the moment Im re-charging it through the leads with a battery charger - its OK - but it made me thing I may as well buy a serious Battery and put it in a box.

(and with 5 dubious Land-rover products to start-up) I was wondering what to get,

I have jump leads and chargers – (and torches and compressors! so I dont need any cheapo combos - the jack-off of all trades)

so what is the down side of a simple Battery?

I might even put it in a ply box with jump leads, and a charger.

I was thinking of a Clarke Jump starter 4000? Or spending the same on a battery?

(No doubt I've overlooked something obvious so I'd welcome all advice and opinions?


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I was thinking of this using my old sack truck and attaching a battery to it and using some heavy duty wire and decent clamps to attach to the cars, lawn mower, dumper and mini digger batteries and attaching it to the sack trolley battery with car battery ternminals and putting this on the positive side to isolate it. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNIVERSAL-CAR-Battery-Isolator-Cut-Off-Switch-/230825055786?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item35be3ed62a Then its just a case of charging it with the battery charger. It will also mean il have a decent spare battery and a very good way of jump starting are cars.

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