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Need a real landy workshop in gemany (close to switzerland)


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Can anyone recommend a good workshop in the south of Germany, like Freiburg or anywhere close to the swiss border? I need to have my head gasket changed on a 200 tdi, and a lot of seals replaced and the swiss are to expensive :)


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Normally I wouldn't do this, and I'm sure the mods will change it if unacceptable, but have you tried posting this question on Defender2.net? There are at least two Switzerland-based members on there who post regularly. IIRC there were one or two on here too (Hoss?) but I haven’t seen him post in while.

Also, you sure Germany will end up being much cheaper? By the time you factor in fuel/travel costs - and that's assuming of course your truck is still mobile? The 200 TDi is a relatively simple unit to do a HG change on, so shouldn't require many labour hours - heck, it could be a learning experience for the Lehrling (apprentice)! And actually, that's the point - any garage should be able to handle a HG change on a 200 Tdi without charging the earth. It's nowhere near as complex and inaccessible as a 'modern' engine. If I were still living in Switzerland, I would seriously consider taking it to my local agricultural dealer - these guys often have better facilities and will understand how to rebuild an 'old school' turbo diesel.

Not the answer you wanted, but felt I should mention it...

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Thanks for the tips..

What is the normal hour rate is for a landy workshop in Germany? The cheapest in Switzerland that I found (thats any good) was approx 80 EUR/h. In sweden they go from 80 for a farmer guy to 190 for the authorised workshops...

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