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200tdi disco engine in my 90, pas problems

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I have put in the disco lump a few months ago, the old td steering box was left in and I plumbed up the pipes to the disco pas pump that came on the engine. the td pipe had a nasty kink in it and made the steering noisy and eventually burnt the pump out. I fitted another disco pump in its place and changed the kinked low pressure? thicker hose for some standard hydraulic hose and re-routed it to make more room on the chassis leg for the boost pipe etc.

problem is its started really leaking after a month or so and making noise again. how did other people overcome this during the conversion?

im a tad confused a ssome people suggest to use the td pump/pipes/header/steering box setup with the tdi pulley fitted, and others suggest use the defender 200tdi pump

if anyone has any pics of there post conversion setup this would be a great help. thanks

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I have a 90 PAS box in my 109, and use the disco pump that belongs to the engine. the hoses are custom made hydraulic hoses. there are no problems with it.

PAS boxes are the same for disco or defender, just fitting the appropriate drop arms. there is a slight difference in the pumps I believe, but I don't think it's anything that would cause a problem such as you describe. I suggest you may have a problem with the box.

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