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Hazard light switch fault stops indicators when on

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hi guys after trawling the forum and using the guides im still stuck so hoping someone can help me out

ive got a G reg defender 110 and the indicators work correctly but the second i flick the hazards the indicators stop working and the hazards dont come on either, if i flick the switch the indicators work correctly.

i've gone thought he guide to short out the purple cable to illuminate the indicators and also to short and get the indicators working via the stick as well.

the one thing i've noticed is that there are a red and black cable to the battery and one black one is disconnected.

i'm kind of stuck now i've checkd all the fuses and they are all ok also all the cables seem to be intact.


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plain black is earth

red/black is rear number plate light & left tail light, subsitute another known good hazard switch to see if that cure the fault

no red/black in the wiring diagram at the battery, possibly put in by a previous owner, might be worth trying to trace is route as it could be part of your problem.

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is the red and black very small gauge wire? i think thats for the switch illumination, there should be 2 little seperate terminals on the side of the switch, one is the red/black, the other is the black, it doesnt matter which way round you connect them

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Hazards use the indicator circuits to operate the lights, so indicator operation is overridden/non functional until hazard switch is off. normally any faults are caused by the hazard switch, maybe due to age/dirt/lack of use.

have you traced the disconnected wires at the battery ?

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Have you read the guide i wrote? The switch handles whether the indicators work, or whether the hazards are on. The two options have separate supplies. If the indicators work fine but the hazards don't, its a switch or supply problem. My guide explains how to differentiate between the two.

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