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Which AT's for stock RR


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Well since the RR has four different manufacturers of tyre on it, none of which are much cop apart from the Pirelli Scorpion on the o/s/r, and one of which has gone rather flat, I'm eyeing up a set of new ones.

I don't do enough miles to warrant a set of BFG's or Scorpions, I'll never wear them out. Currently Colway 235/70R16 AT's are fave at £35 a tyre, especially as I could have a set of four on black modulars delivered for less than a set of BFG's B)

Going (marginally) up the price ladder, what are Insa Turbos like - I've seen them round but heard nowt about them.

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got a set of 225/75 wrangler AT/Rs one grey RR alloys, with a brand new trac eddge as spare if you interested.

Was very impressed with the way they handled 7S- 5/10 on muddy grass, 6.5/10 on mud as they self clean quite well. 9/10 for road manners- you wouldn't know they were ATs!

Hvae done about 8,000 miles on the road so lots and lots of life left.

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I have an assortment of ATs on the range rover and disco, mostly aquired second hand. Best so far have been the Bridgestone Duellers that I got part worn on a scrap rangie. Goodyear Wranglers on the disco are also fine.

The Michelin XMs (?) that the rangie came with weren't great - very, very noisy - but also incredibly hard wearing. They were date marked the year the truck was made, so probably the originals - in which case they lasted about 130k... New Michelin Synchrone much quieter and very good on road - barely an AT tread though, so I doubt it'd be much cop in mud.

Marshal Powerguards okay but make the steering feel a bit vague. They were effectively free with some old rims though, so great for the money :D

I've got a set of Avon Rangemaster 750s for laning (all the above were standard 205x16s) - being taller and more off-road biased, obviously not as good on the road, but reasonable off it. Bit of a tendency to clog up with mud but good on hard ground.

There you go - pretty much my entire wisdom on the subject of tyres in one post ;)

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Cheers for the various opinions & offers guys, I think it'll come down to what I can get fitted locally over the next few days as I'm towing Petal to 7S next weekend :o and don't want to end up in a ditch. Anyone fancy delivering to Gosport? :unsure: If not it looks like Colways for me.

Trev - this RR is very much on-road only, the 109 will be for mud when it's finished so I'm firmly resisting anything even vaguely MT or other off-road type mods no matter how trivial - otherwise the temptation will be there to take it through the mud "just that once" :ph34r:

As it stands it gets used for towing, hauling cr*p about, and occasional marshalling at ShireLRC events where I try to resist the pull of the mud to remain a relatively clean bystander / semi-professional heckler :P

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Cheers Jules but the problem is at least one of them doesn't hold air :-( TBH I think they're a bit past it age-wise as they're cast-offs from my dad when he fitted MT's.

I think a set of colways is on the cards, with the good scoprion kept as the spare. At least that gets me four new identical tyres all round, might sort out the straight-line braking a bit :blink:

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