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LT77 & R380 gearbox offset

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Hi all, I'm just wondering whether anyone knows whether the offset of the LT77 and R380 gearboxes (centre of the input (main?) shaft and consequently the centre of the crank of the attached engine) in a 90 are the same, I ask as I welded disco mounts into a 90 chassis, finding out in the process that the distances between the engine mounts and the chassis rails is different between the disco and 90. I'm getting a galv chassis made my richards chassis and I need to tell them where to put the mounts for the engine.

related to the first question, will standard defender engine mounts for the 300 tdi provide the correct allignment of the engine and gearbox in the chassis or will I need to modify it/ get then to adapt the mounts before galvanising?

Cheers D

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well that's what I thought, but when I asked whether they could make a 90 chassis with gearbox mounts for the LT77 and engine mounts for the 300 Tdi using the short bellhousing from the LT77, they said I had to measure up and send them the measurements, trouble is, seeing as I welded the mounts in slightly wrong (wrong offset) , I'm not sure whether the engine is sitting in the correct place anyway....

if I might pick your brains some more Western, should the gearbox be level? ie parralel with the chassis rails? and should the engine also be level or tilted back, my main worry is that if I drop the engine too far down, the front prop won't clear the X member on full articulation...


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