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Extra sidelights, legal?


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I've seen plenty of 110's with extra sidelights on the back of the roof, so I can't see any issues, but I just wanted to check.

I'm fitting a NAS light in the middle of the spare wheel, which is on a carrier on the back door as an extra brake light, is there any reason I don't wire in the sidelight circuit aswell?

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means 2 light units NOT individual filaments, but you can have additional rear lights for example my 110 has 4 brake/tail & indicators on the rear, so long as the standard factory legal lights work & are clearly visible there isn't a problem.& they comply with RVLR 1989

PART II Requirements relating to optional rear position lamps

Any number may be fitted and the only requirement prescribed by these Regulations in respect of any which are fitted is that specified in paragraph 7 of Part I.

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