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Hi all.

rough rider

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Hi. New to the world of land rovers after purchasing a td5 over Christmas. What a nice motor. Well until i noticed an oil leak, so whilst at work got the wife to run it into the garage. Now im a bit concerned. Apparently its had a recon gearbox (is that a good thing) but it's gearbox oil that's leaking.

Is this a common problem?

Any suggestions would really help.

Many thanks.

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Welcome. TD5 is very nice and I bought mine in August. Oil leaks on Land Rovers are common so not a cause for concern to begin with. A recon gearbox is simply one that has been stripped down and rebuilt how good or how bad it is depends very much on who did the reconditioning and what was done during the rebuild.

How bad is the leak and where is it leaking. I personally would look at it myself, determine the cause and try to reseal.

Take some photos and post them up here there will be plenty of guys like myself that know what will be wrong and how to fix it.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for your reply. The auto box runs smoothly, but leaves a patch of gearbox oil when stationary. The wife popped it to the garage for me, which, and i quote "it's gearbox oil coming from the top somewhere", and not to drive the car is all they said. This in turn made the wife turn into some sort of raging bull with pmt. Im not sure who did the gearbox, but hunting onthe web i see there are a couple of pipes going to the top of the gearbox that should be tight and o ring fitted, just a thought, have they been fitted correctly? Any other clues may help if anybody can throw some light on the situation.

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Not a common problem from a gearbox but then if your gearbox has be taken apart it could be from the sump gasket or drain plug (you mention it's an auto on other forums I believe) or as simple as a nipping up of the the fill plug.

When you have identfied the location of the fluid leak then let the Forum know and we will go from there.

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