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Fuel pressure regulator


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Hi guys, just sorting out my stuff, reading around I can't seem to get a yes or no as to wether I need an aftermarket regulator or will the standard one do?

Also could someone tell me what sort of crimping need for this?


Cheers mike

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I had no problem soldering the standard Nige lambda sensor wires, just cut the crimps off any extended the wires up to the bulkhead where they are terminated with a Superseal plug so i can swap between Wideband and narrowband.

Soldering is kinda necessary, but its not difficult.

THE ABSOLUTE KEY is to use good solder.

Draper Regular solder for instance is useless, I can't solder with it, whereas Draper Expert is lovely stuff.

Best of luck :)

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If you read many of the Lambda sensor instructions, it says clearly NOT to solder them due to being different metals, and possibilities of causing bad joints, and electrical oddities in the signal.

I've just used a 4-way econoseal connector, seems to work OK.

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Just bare about an inch, wrap them around each other and put a bit of sellotape over them... thats what people do on cars I've bought before anyway :unsure:

I crimped mine into a 4-way waterproof plug.

Sounds good, I'll do that :0

These econoseal plugs, they need a special crimper, is that right?

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