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new 300tdi cylinder head leaking before start up


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just finished putting a new 300tdi cylinder head and new gasket on today after having the whole xmas bad , passing the sickness flu around the house with the kids.

Its was all torqued up according to the manual.

As soon as I started filling with water I noticed coolant leaking from the rear of engine, a drip five every seconds, thought strange, thought maybe it might go after firing up but still there. The cylinder head and gasket are from Paddocks, any thoughts.


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Are you certain your torque wrench is working OK?

I only ask as I had one fail once while building a Mini engine.

It felt normal when used and the "click" was as it had always been.

The only problem was it was measuring around 50lbs less than it should do.

This was evident when we started up the engine and saw combustion on the outside of the block!

After replacing the torque wrench, we decided to strip the entire engine as a precaution.

I'm glad we did as one of the main cap bolts could be turned by hand!

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Are you sure you didn't put the head gasket on up side down? ( i have done this once :blush: )

you can tell by the location of the gasket thickness indication holes.

Also what type of gasket is it?

Is it a multi layer steel (MLS) one, or composite?

Did you clean the deck properly?

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