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Fusebox Identification

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Amongst other jobs im also in the (laboriously slow) process of trying to wire up my 110.

Now according to RAVE, the 1999 td5 has fuseboxes in 2 flavours. 1 being the "passenger compartment" fusebox, and the other being the "engine compartment" fusebox. Fair enough.

However both of the parts diagram sites that i use (allbrit and numcat) state the fuseboxes as being "under seat" and "under bonnet" fuseboxes.

Common sense dictates that "passenger compartment" = "under seat", and that "engine compartment" = "under bonnet", however ive come to realize that lucas and common sense dont necessarily go hand in hand!

Additionally, what in that case is the fusebox just above the transmission tunnel known as?

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I have a 1999 TD5 90 so the fuse box locations maybe the same as yours.

The first one is behind the gear sticks on the bulkhead (the standard ones that all defenders have).

The second one is in the seatbox under the drivers seat along with the ECU. Mine has about 6 big fuses (60 - 100amps) and another row of about 8 of the normal 'blade' type fuses.

Hope that helps, I could take a picture if that helps and then send it to via email as I can't post pics!


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Am guessing the engine compartment one is the one found under the seats. This would appear to be the same type as found on 300 tdi models (defender and disco) where it is in the engine bay. They are easy enough to pick up 2nd hand and make great auxiliary take off points for extra circuits.

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