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Driver Training

Jon W

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Happy New Year All

A friends brother has just got a 2010 Land Rover so for his birthday they are thinking of getting him an off road driving experience/training.

I think he would want to use his own vehicle.

I have recommended 4x4 Adventures James Trembath as know him, and the drive round days are a good day out but not sure he is at that level yet. Not sure if James does one to one tuition or not.

It is always good to know of others so lets have a list of good places and trainers please. He is based in portsmouth for work or in east yorkshire but i'm sure he will travel for a good day.

Not had any training for years, so am not sure where to start.

Many Thanks


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Happy to do it. Got various sites I use here in the SW and in Wales. I'm Lantra/NPTC/BORDA qualified/approved/competant, I'm also a City and Guilds Assessor for competancy, Land Rover Experience trained instuctor (trailer, off road driving and winching). I charge for a day - so if the training needs 9 hours rather than 8 then so be it. I charge a fair rate. My training format is based around vehicle dependant survival/utilities/overlanding/remote area use/CoG competancy....

Happy to do tailor made stuff - but nothing kinky

Find me on www.offroadpreparation.com

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Thanks guys I have sent my friend a link to this thread so hopefully she can see it and will follow up any leads.

I have met dave lovejoy (nonimouse) before in the early seven sisters j33p event with maxi trials etc and militant grahams snow cat rescuing us and bish bosh from the sewage bogs, seems a very long time ago now


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