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Hi All, A Bit Of Axle Advice Required Please!


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Firstly- hi guys, I'm new on here, based in Essex, enjoy building custom cars and do a fair bit of work on rally cars etc day to day, and have had 4 Land Rovers now including a Defender, Disco 300tdi, currently a 2004 Disco TD5 for every day which I love but is thirsty, and a Series.

I'm building the Series up for a bit of racing, and I already have a very heavy very torquey engine for it, should push out an easy 300ft/lb torque, the saving grace is that I will not be running massive diameter knobbly tyres so it should break traction before breaking shafts etc.

I've spent about 3 evening reading all the axle threads I can find on here and the net, my head is throbbing with all the information (a lot of it conflicting), so I'm hoping there are some people on here who are happy to give me a couple of realistic options for me!

I always try to work on a budget, so in short- I want to get hold of a pair of disc braked axles from a Disco, RRC, or Defender, and I would like them to hold up as well as possible to a couple of hundred bhp. As I am yet to find them- what model/era am I best off looking for as a starting point for cheap(ish) strong axles?

I will likely splash out of a pair of Ashcroft ATB diffs, and I am using a Borg Warner transfer box to get the use of the viscous centre diff, the 3 should make for good traction on dusty ground.

Many thanks,


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If you're going to the trouble of swapping axles from a coiler, something Jap might be a better bet for strength on a budget. I don't think any standard LR axles are going to put up with a couple of hundred horsies without sticking different internals in (ashcroft shafts etc). Having said that though... a pair of D2 axles might be OK?

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