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93 200TDi transmission warning light


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Manual 200 TDi Classic.

I hvae a light coming on on the dashboard, symbol shows a gear cog with thermometer.

This light has always come on with the handbrake, along with the brake warning light above it. It stared flickering on and now comes on quite a bit.

The manual says it is a transmission temperature warning for autos, and the wiring diagram shows sensor swtiches for the transfer box as well as an auto box. However this is in a manual.

A web search shows some commnents that in manuals it is used as a "handbrake on" warning, which squares with how it has worked until recently.

I can see no wires or sensors on the transfer box or on the gearbox.

Anyone got any ideas what else it might be linked to?

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It is a transmission temp warning light, it comes on also with the handbrake as a lamp test. its a simple switch to earth so a short to body/chassis will make it illuminate. Had this on mine, when I researched light is common fitment accross later RRC's both diesel and V8. I think some just have gearbox temp switch and some have gearbox and transfer temp switches wired in parallel. Its some time ago so this is from memory, but its not complicated just check out the wiring diagram.


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Thanks for the input.

I checked out the wiring diagrams (Land Rover Original Publications,Sevice Manuals and Parts diagrams CD) and while it is documented for Autos, there is no connection to a switch or sensor for manual vehicles.

Checked with a local expert/garage, and this was confirmed, though he said that sometimes he has found manual gearbox cars with the cable in the loom and with an unused connector up front around the radiator.

There are no sensors anywhere on the gear or transfer boxes in my car.

However I can find no trace of anything around the radiator area. As the light can be on or off regardless of temperature or incline I reckon it must just be a short somewhere , as per the suggestions of Geoff and Mike.

I'll start looking around the handbrake area. If I find anything definitive I will post.Tthe main thing is that it is not a "real" warning...


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Hi again,

When you say the warning light now flickers is that just by itsself or with the handbrake light.

Both should come on with the handbrake but with the handbrake off the overtemp light will not put the handbrake light on.

So if both flicker with the handbrake handbrake off the fault is in the handbrake switch circuit, if its just the overtemp light the fault is in the temerature switch circuit.

Even thogh its a manual I think all BW transfer boxes have the switch, from what I remember its hard to see from underneath the vehicle.

It is wired in parallel with the autobox switch which would be on cooler in front of the rad. I wouldn't be suprised if the wires are there on a manual but taped up in the loom.



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Both lights come on when the handbrake is applied. Only the transmission temperature light flickers. I can sometimes make it go out when I move (push down or side to side) the handbrake, but not always. So I'm not convinced it's not coincidental!

I have felt all round the transfer box, but can't find anything; however I will have another go.

The Parts Llist does not show the temperature gauges on the diagrams, but does list them as [900] and [901] i.e. in square brackets. The numbers are not in the list.

The service manuals (official or Haynes) make no mention. Today I discovered that the parts list does show a temperature switch on a manual gearbox cooling pipe but I need to see if my box has this.

The wiring diagrams do show the switches, wire colour listed as Black/Purple

Investigations have slowed as it's snowing here now and that makes a) the car essential to keep on the road and b) unpleasant to go under the car even in a garage (wet and cold)

If anyone knows where I need to look, suggestions appreciated ;)

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