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Buying a Landie in California


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Hello Folks,

I am needing some assistance from the forum members.

My youngest daughter has recently married, and has moved to California from Zimbabwe. She is now getting to a place where she needs to buy her own car, and having been in Landies all her life, is obviously looking this way first. Is there anyone out there who can help with making contact with a local group of enthusiasts she can connect with, who can help us with this pursuit.

many thanks

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Defenders are hugely expensive in the US due to the lack of supply you can expect to pay $50,000 in CA it is even more difficult due to stricter EPA laws, honestly you would be better to buy a Jeep or similar.

I was going to buy one when working over there and decided that it really was not worth the money.


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I think something in the line of a Range Rover HSE like this one in Livermore 2003 for 12,000 dollars


Some of the other members will help with common faults expected but to be honest for the most part I think there bomb proof including the air supension. I drive a Defender but I wouldn't get one for my daughter starting out.

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Thanks for all the replies. Seems to be a number of Disco IIs around, as well as a few RR Classics. She's been driving Disco's for years, so other than the LHD vs RHD issue issue, no problem there. Really hoping to contact someone who can help with assessing the options, and getting a sound vehicle.

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