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fuel gauge faulty

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hello as i am new thought you could help my fuel gauge is faulty when i turn ignition on it goes to half way but even when empty it still sits there but when i turn off it goes back down like it should


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Welcome to the forum!

It could be a faulty sender in the fuel tank, it's a physical arm with a float that rises and lowers with the fuel level. If the float falls off or if the arm gets stuck then it will stay in one place.

If you fill the tank up does the fuel gauge move?

What specific Defender do you have? Tanks are located in lots of places on a Defender depending what it is and there are varying levels of difficulty in getting to the sender!



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Hello, I have just joined and have recently bought a county 110. I have the same problem with the fuel gauge only going as far down as quarter full. When I fill up the gauge goes up but never goes down further than quarter full. When the ignition goes off the gauge will go fully left as it should. Any ideas please.......I always carry 5 litres of fuel with me just incase!!


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Sounds like either the float-mechanism in the tank is sticking, or the resistance-track on the float mechanism (that varies the current and so alters the gauge-reading) is failing.

The answer is to replace the float-mechanism. Depending on what precise model of Defender you have this can be cheap or expensive: on my 90TD5 the float-mechanism is part of the fuel-pump: you have to drop the tank to access it and the new fuel-pump assembly is £300+

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Thanks Tanuki, The model I have is a county 110 which is a 1988 with a 19J 2.5td engine fitted if this is any help, thought it might have been the connections on the tank as both protective rubber fittings over the electrical connections were off. I cleaned the connections and sprayed them with dw40 and replaced but didn't change any thing. Hopefully this will not be the £300+ way to go!

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Ok Western thanks will check them, also forgot to mention every now and the the low fuel light would come on and off even though there was plenty of fuel in the tank. Maybe the sender unit is up the creak or stuck but will check the electrical connections again. I take it there must be a way of shorting the connections out to show the wiring from the gauge to the tank is ok?

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