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4.0 V8 LPG


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Hi, I'm new to the forum and I'm currently looking to purchase my first Discovery. Ive seen a 4.0 V8 with 128,000 on the clock. It's in great condition and drives well. Just wondering if theres anything I should look out for. Thanks in Advance.

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It may look good from a distance,but in reality its probably a dog like the majority of them.Chassis rust,water ingress from leaking sunroofs causing havoc with electrics.Thats just the metalwork and wiring....

At 128,000 the original engine will be well on its way,or had a S/H replacement of dubious origin - unless there is good documentation.If it has LPG you can be fairly sure that its rare for it to be set up correctly or maintained at all.The autobox could also be on its last legs,best to check fluid conditon,many are brown/black in colour and smell burnt by that mileage.

Sorry to sound negative,but I really thought the DII might go into old age more gracefully than the D1.The last couple of years has shown them to be dying very rapidly,with more expensive repairs required than the owners will tolerate.Be very careful - esp with a V8 with all the 94mm bore problems that are well documented.

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Not all as bad as above as with all landrovers they have there problems I Owen a 1997 v8es lpg and apart from a few minors its been fine I don't drive it every day I've put 10.000 m on the clock sinse I bought it 3 years ago and they have been prity painless now has 110.000 on the clock did a 1200 mile journey back in November without a hitch I tend to look at it as more of a classic at this age and make sure I do regular checks on all the fluids and don't treat it rough it won't bite you.

List of things in past 3 years.

Brake pads front and rear

Front wiper blades

Lpg serviced

Just had minor welding on the sill and new longe life stainless exhaust and that's it.

Things I've done my self.

Fitted 18" disco 3 wheels using billet alloy spacers

1" lift kitt

HD bulbs to head lamps

All thease make the truck look and drive better.

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