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Mounting Wiper Motor

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Offered up wiper motor to bulkhead in order to see where i need to fit rivnuts and found this...

It appears that the tube that houses the spiral drive is way too long. I know that the td5 wheelboxes that ive used are slightly larger than the td5 type but the positioning of them on the bulkhead is obviously the same.

I thought maybe i have the wrong tube as there are 2 different part numbers available but surely they are not that much different in length?

As you can see from the pic its a good bit too long.


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I can't remember, are you planning to use the post-2002 dash or the pre-2002 dash?

If it's the latter you will want to cut off that plate that's spot welded to the bulkhead above the wiper motor. This is the mounting plate for the later motor position and it will get in the way of the dash I believe.

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Keep up James ;) I always knew i had to cut the plate off as im using early pre 99 dash. Ive now cut it off so i can install rivnuts.

My problem was discovering that the tube was about 6 inches too long. However i discovered that was me stupidly mounting wheelbox in wrong hole lol

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36 views so far and no-one noticed it.

Who spots the schoolboy error causing my problem........

What are you on about? I just said it was a LHD wiper spindle position in my first post, regardless of whether it was a LHD vehicle or just an assembly error!

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