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D1 Body lift guide


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Just to add on from Tel's D2 guide here is my guide to fitting a body lift to a disco 1



Installing a Body Lift.

A basic guide for a Land Rover Discovery Tdi

A body lift is not as straightforward as it may seem. You need to do a bit more than put in a set of spacers under the body mounts. This is a basic guide to lifting the body on a Discovery and can be use for other lifts as and when required.

The first job you need to do is replace the five flexible rubber brake lines.

There are two on each front wheel and one over the back axle.

If you install a two-inch body lift I would recommend having plus 4 inch extended brake lines fitted.

Below is a list of “other” parts required to do the job.

10 body spacers

10 long bolts (3/8 unf x 6 inch long) or m10x150

4 rear floor support spacers

4 extended body tie rods

2 radiator mounts

2 rear bumper brackets- not included

2 front bumper brackets. - not included

A few days before you begin your body lift its advisable to spray the mounting bolts with a good quality penetrating oil.

Begin with taking off the bumpers, or just the plastic end caps if you want to lift the bumpers at a later date. Bear in mind that the bumpers are attached to the chassis so once you have lifted the body you will have a 2-inch gap between the body and bumper.

Remove the 4 body tie rods; these attach the seat belts to the chassis.

Slacken off the steering column bolts; don’t remove the bolts, as the splines on the shaft will only need to move about 10mm as the body is lifted.

Undo and remove the 5 body mounting bolts on one side, and remove the nuts on the bolts on the other side (leave the bolts in position)

With the aid of a Hi Lift jack begin to lift the side with the bolts removed. Periodically check that no electrical wires etc are being pulled out of place; also keep an eye on the air filter pipe work as this is mounted on the body. The clutch pipe work will need to be kept in mind as this is also attached to the body. There is enough slack in both of these components so no extra modifications should be required.

Once you have gained enough lift you can start putting in the spacers. When one side is complete continue with the other side. Secure all the body mounting bolts once all the spacers are in.

The rear floor support spacers bolt onto the brackets on either side of the rear suspension spring, and support the floor !

The radiator is chassis mounted so when you have lifted the body fit the two top mounting spacers onto the two pins located on the sides of the radiator.

Attach the extended body tie rods.

Check the steering shaft and re tighten the bolts. Lift the bumpers as and when required.

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