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Discovery 3 steering wheel fitting to a Defender


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Hi just fitted a disco 3 steering wheel to my 110,

I re engineered the centre boss, it was pretty simple really and took less than an hour!

going to wire the illumination for the switches up and use the voice control paddle for spot lamp flash, not sure what uses i will have for the remainder of the switches.

Was going to fit an heated one but the price for them was ridiculous, besides I have an Eberspacher on remote control so can heat the vehicle before I get in.


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The airbag is the complete middle section with the badge on, it wont activate though without being wired up.

the switches have there own loom, and the multiplugs are just tooked away underneath, the wiring looks fairly simple, i'm going wire up the horn buttons, led spotlamps momentary flash (voice control paddle), not sure yet what I am going to do with the two right hand side momentary paddles, and the five surface switches, Any ideas gratefully welcome :mellow:

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Anyone else want to try this, there's a group buy of D4 wheels kicking off on disco3.co.uk, so there might be a chance to get a cheap D3 wheel (probably minus the airbag cover and switches though).

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I actually have another disco 3 steering wheel that I adapted first, it has the centre spline section removed to 44mm diameter where I fitted a centre 36 spline from an old type A wheel, which has a perfectly round and slightly bigger than 44mm centre which fits tightly and easily when the aluminium centre section of the disco 3 wheel is heated, then drill and tap a couple of holes and attach a couple of flat brackets to be safe! or a 48 spline centre could be removed from a defender wheel and fitted?

anyway I will post up some pics of the wheel to show how I did the conversion, it has no airbag or switches, just the plastic cowl.

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no I haven't used the coupler, it is a bit big for the steering column,

I secured the wheel to a wood plank and used a 44mm hole saw to cut an hole in the centre.



I took an old type A steering wheel and carefully cut the centre out with a grinder.(excuse the arrows it was the only pic I could find)



I will take a pic of the adapted centre when I take the airbag out to connect the wiring up.

The disco 3 wheel pictured here is for sale if anyone wants one?

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How are you taking the feed from the buttons and switches down the column without the coupler?

I have used thinwall flex wire, and gave lots of slack so there should be no chaffing, I may use elastic in the stering column to retrack the wire if need be, time will tell on that one!

here is a pic I took of the modification, the brackets are a bit crude, but I had nothing else at the time, goint to replace them with some better ones in stainless at a later date. The centre steel boss is sweated into the wheel and is a very tight fit it will not come out without first heating the alloy around it and tapping or pressing it out.


Here are some pics I have just took showing the illuminated switches.




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Looked into that, however, the td5 speedo relies on the ECU and my 110 is mechanical.

You didn't look into it very well, did you ? :)

I actually rather like that, I'm not sure why one would want to do it, but it does look quite smart particularly at night.


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