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range rover classic swivels query


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alright, so here is my query, i need some new swivel balls, and i would like to know if i can use the early (70-85 "6 bolt") swivel balls with my disco/110 housings (cant quite remember which ones they are out of the 2 but im pretty sure theyre the same ball wise)

so the basic question is are the early and later coiler chrome swivel balls the same dimensions bar the axle flange mounting pattern?

thanks in advance, any measurements would be great

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Prefix 'A' 6 bolt challice :)

Only fits early RRC as far as I know. The one with narrower radious arm bushes and the drain plug right underneath. It is a lot more like a S2 landy axel in feel with CV's.

The 'B's have 7 bolts, a flat on the stub axel for a lock plate, different stub axels and the drain plug off-set. I think this is the first one with an outer bearing seal to keep wheel bearing greece and CV greece/oil apart?

24 spline metric has some more different bits, but oddly, as far as we could make out, the swivel housings are interchangeable !

But 110 have a stronger flange tube on the chrome challice?

So yes, they look to be interchangeable from a ball perspective. But I have no idea about the flange-spiggot at the axel end?

You got a plan for a special thingy then ?

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