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LR2GO.com any one used them,MAY BE A SCAM SITE!!!!


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Just ordered wheels spacers from www.lr2go.com, then realised no contact details can't get hold of them and nothing sent to me. I have called trading standards and this is seems to them a scam however nothing can be done as the company has 30 days until there is a problem if i haven't received my items. If any one has used this company and has received or not received there items,

lease let me know asap, I have there address, thanks to the internet whether its the right one or not.

at current seems that i have lost my money, but if i have i want to warn others, about this.

many thanks

the not so optimistic optimist.

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found all those details but thanks simonr, tried calling emailing. got some mates near by to his house which is that address seems the business is to large to run out of the house but they gona have a knock on the door. thanks guys i will keep you posted,

the optimist

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just been on lr spare parts, everything on lr2go is exactly the same title headings part pictures descriptions, except the set out of the website and prices changed into euros, and lr spareparts have contact details, will wait until i get something back, from Chris mcknight

thanks the optimist

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My suspicion is it's just a drop shipping company where you place an order, he orders the part from another reseller who ships it to you directly and he gets the difference in cost. They are easy to set up - and most are operated from someones bedroom! No contact details is a further sign of that.

Although the margins are low, there is no risk and the only capital outlay is the web site. While I applaud people doing this instead of signing on, to me they feel a bit like a parasite! They tend not to drive more sales for the manufacturer and rarely advertise - so they are just piggybacking off someone elses advertising.

They have little knowledge of the products and just pass queries and warranty issues back to their supplier. All the supplier gets out of it is less money than if they sold it direct but has to provide the support & logistics as if they had!

Not my favorite business model! Can you tell???


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Oh just seen this auction with his details on it http://www.ebay.com/itm/LAND-ROVER-RANGE-DISCO-SERIES-V8-SLAVE-CYLINDER-CLUTCH-/200070193090?

looks like he is LR Spare Parts as well. with a different address and phone number

Business seller information

LR Spare Parts

Christopher McKnight

Unit 5, Black Croft Road

Swanbridge Industrial Park




United Kingdom



EDIT: Apologies if you know all this already.

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got hold of a chap who works for him first said that they did not own this website, then said that this a new website that should be live yet they own lr spares, he said they have the spacers in stock, and he needs to speak to Chris, as has nothing to do with this other website, awaiting a call back but optimism is lacking, i willl keep you posted.

many thanks the optimist

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Just to clear up any issues - lr2go is a test site for lrspareparts. Any payment problems, check with bank or card provider first. Drop shipping. - lrspareparts send goods out with their own packing and directly, so drop shipping is impossible. Many items supplied have their lr brand stamp - lrspareparts exhibit at many international parts shows - next show - will have a stand a Automechanika Dubai UAE - 11.06.2013 - 13.06.2013 - Stand No: 6AM611Hall: 6.

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