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Malvern 4x4 spares day. 13th January.

Paul Woodward

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Had the day there better than I thought it might be, not nearly as big as Newbury lots under cover but would benefit from many more private traders. Hopefully it will improve in the future. I managed to pick up a few bargains but a lot of what I wanted wasn't there.

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I went with a few friends, we had a good day (we usually do) I spent about £150 too much :huh: but i,m sure I will make that back when we go to sell at Newbury :i-m_so_happy:

We were a bit annoyed though when traders started to pack up and go home at 1.30 onwards.

Is it too much to ask for sellers to stay the course and at least hang on til about 3.00.

When our team go to Newbury to sell, we stay until the public have left at about 5.00pm and quite often sell a fair few items to other traders at the last minute. I cant help thinking that they are losing out by leaving early.

(It did mean we had an extra hour in pub on way home tho

Gaz (team topstores :ph34r:)

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I agree about the traders leaving early, but as most of the public had already gone you can't really blame them the halls were virtually empty by 2.30. As others had left bargains were there if you haggled. I picked up a station wagon rear passenger door for £4, unfortunately it's a lift up handle but the frame is reasonable and cheaper than a repair section.

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