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200tdi injector leak off pipes


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Just noticed a diesel leak whilst under the 110. The first drip I saw was from the bottom of the FIP.....fearing more expensive repairs, I started it up and to my relief, the leak was from the injector leak off pipe between the second and third injector.

I'll need to nip to halfords to pick up some new pipe, but can anyone confirm the internal diameter that I need? Looking around it appears to be 3.2mm. Is this correct?

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It's affected both my 200Tdis, which also happen to cover both styles of leak-off pipe used on the engine.

I know it's starting to happen on the 90 because the starter sort of "catches" and over-runs slightly when starting the engine. I guess it must affect the startup RPM just enough to affect that. Quick nip up of the banjos and all is well for another 6 months or so.

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