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Circuit board in pump Disco 1 300tdi


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I have a non starting problem with my 98 Disco 300tdi.

There is a black box on the back of the pump and I was wondering if there is a chip/circuit board hidden in there as it has three wires to it.

Reason I ask is that I once had a non srting pug 106 which had a chip on the pump, had to dispose of it and hard wire the solenoid to make it go, something to do with key recognition. I wondered if the Disco was the same

Would like to be sure before I start ripping the plastic do dar off the pump

Thanks :)

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Yes. It's an anti-tamper cover on the cut-off solenoid - called a DDS. It has (if it's like mine) a very tough metal cover on it... meaning the only chance of getting at it is to remove the pump... I tw*ted my DDS with a hammer a couple of weeks ago - which seemed to work... (temporarily).

this is where I'm at... with my issue (which sounds the same as you)

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If you want a slightly less aggresive way to get going again you could always use stud extractors to remove the two shear headed bolts that hold the DDS unit on.As the bolt heads are recessed they will hold drill guides in place to drill down into the bolt heads,they generally come out quite easily with stud extractors.Using a hammer near an injector pump can lead to other problems...

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Thanks guys, cant have too much information and I now have a good idea of what I'm up against.

I imagine the bolts will have a shoulder on them about half way down but may be wrong, might dremel a slot in them and try an impact driver first

thanks fo the input

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