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Wiring injectors


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My next problem is, I can't figure out how to connect the injector wires together. Obviously I need 1 set of wires to end up as 1 wire To the main relay. Then the the other wires to join into 4 separate wires.

I can use piggy back connectors to get it going to test, but I can't figure out how the heat shrink/solder connections are used to replace these. Anyone help on this? Cheers mike

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Mine was fairly easy as I used the relay board and you have 4 feeds to connect into, so spliced the feeds into pairs an ran 2 pairs of wires back to the board.

I guess you do something similar to your relay. You can probably crimp two wires into your relay block, so run 4 wires into a large solder joint with one wire out. Not sure what the injector draw is but others appear to have daisy chained their injectors and its worked. Just preferred to do it in parallel reducing the load. The relay board did make it easy.

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To join one wire to another without breaking it, strip the insulation at the join point in a band around the wire, strip the wire you are going to join in the normal way, but keep it long, then twist it round the continuous wire until it holds itself in place nicely.

Solder together, then cover with heat shrink.

Like this, although you can only wrap the 'loose' wire in your case:


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Right took a couple of pics. May help


Overall shot. Bit blurry. Intend to wrap the cables and add some split sleeve and cable tie it to the fuel rail


Wires spliced and heatshrunk


Used the wire strip part of this tool to break the insulation around the dia in 2 places half an inch or so apart, then carefully used a Stanley knife to split between them along the wire to expose the copper.

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