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Adventure series gigglepin twin top housing info...


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As the title says just wondered if anyone has got, used or seen in use the gigglepin adventure series top housing? Obviously its not gping to be as good as the challenge series! but If so what's it like? Value for money etc etc... Ya know what I'm getting at ;) thanks in advance -J-

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I don't know anyone who currently runs an "adventure" top as they are quite new...

But I have wondered about this too,

Why is the "adventure" housing not as good as the "challenge" one (or pro series as they call it)?

there are only so many ways to put two motors on the top of a 8274, and Its the internals/motors that give the performance.

So is the "pro series" and "adventure" top housings made from different materials, or not as strong.... what?

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That is exactly what I was wondering, I can see that the adventure series is a set gearing whereas the challenge (pro) series is changeable!

I have also seen the kit to mount another motor onto the end of the 1st motor :/ I can obviously see that will be no we're near as good as the twin conversions but... :/ cheers -J-

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I am interested in this information too as I am not sure where to go as far as competing but have upgraded my 8274 with the nice giggle pin parts and was going to stick with a standard top housing for the time being but as I am having issues with the old top housing gears I am now deciding wether to get standard, Gigglepin updated gears or go for adventure top that has up rated gears. Would be good to here from people who have used the adventure top. The 'flamin' inline motor mount appears very popular in Australia winch challenges and is cheaper option but how it compares for speed and strength with GP is a good question too.

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typically challenge guys run winches to suit the event they are on and depends on the vehicle weight and motors and voltage. for example Philon and i found + 60% was too much on twin 12v Bow3s so changed to +40%. he has a heavy car!

a fair few run +60% front and + 40% rear with 24 through 12 twins

Personally i run +25% front twin bow 3 switch-able 24/12 and single Bow 3motor rear again switchable.

for increase in speed you loose torque. so if your doing SS events with easy pulls then +60 works well, if your doing big bogs and heavy gear then you dont want high gearing.

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From the gigglepin site:

Pro series top housing:

With its Heavy duty, heat-treated cast aluminium housing and a choice of 6 different super tough ratios,

Adventure top housing:

This New Twinmotor top housing was launched in 2012 and offers a tough, rugged conversion for those who need the best, but do not require multiple ratio choices.

The Adventure series has the extra motor positioned to the front of the winch making it easier to fit to vehicles such as Landrover Defender TD5 where space is limited. Using the same quality gears and LM heat-treated castings, it is superb value for money and is already a big seller in Europe and sure to become a legend in its own right.

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