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eml keeps coming on


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For the past couple of months now my diesel freelander has been causing problems. A few months ago the engine warning light came on. Then a couple of days later it went into limp mode. I took it to a garage and after reading the error message they replaced the Mass Airflow Metre. This fixed the problem and the freelander drove great but only for a day when it just suddenly died on me, all the dash lights on and it just wont start. So today it's had a new remote fuel pump but that made no difference, it still wont start. Then last week we decided to replace the high pressure fuel pump and it worked!!! We drove it fine for a couple of days and then this morning the engine managment light is on again and it wont start!!! Please any ideas as it's causing us a fortune and no one knows what is wrong with it and the error codes as so general. Cheers.

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Where about in the uk are u

I would do a leak off check on the injectors

Disconnect the small pipe ontop of the injectors and clamp it off. Turn key on ignition only

Look at top of injectors if a bad one u will see fuel leaking from the top ( causing a pressure drop and engine will not start ) note fuel pump only runs for a couple of seconds turn off then back on

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