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Budget air compressor


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I'm looking toward corrosion removal and protection for the Defender v when the weather improves. I have read a few compressor threads here but the price of suggested ones are a wee bit step for me.

I'm thinking in the order of £200 and want to run some helpful tools and a spray gun for the galvafroid and paint.

This for example seems to have the requirements for most of the tools but I'm not sure about the spraying side of things:


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It would work for what you want to do you would just need to plan ahead and give the compressor a chance to cool down if spraying for a long time. A bigger tank solves this problem but they are more money. The fact that it is a 10 bar(150psi) model is an advantage as most air tools run at 90psi or less so it gives you an extra buffer between a full tank and the motor kicking in again. Also for spraying u need to get a water trap/filter/regulator.

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The way I read it was that it puts some oil in the air (which a very small amount is expected as it is an oil lubricated system) but this was no good for his intended purpose.

From the comments and answers it suggests that the oil in the air was after the service kit was fitted (possibly non genuine or incorrectly installed)

But yes a risk without asking about it's oil consumption rate.

I really only gave it as an example, I paid £350 for a more powerful 502 with a larger tank.

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Or see if you can find a loverly quiet 2nd hand Hydrovane on that well known auction site :D

That's what I did - and it cost less than your budget! It's quiet enough that you could mount it under your bed - and it would barely wake you up when it starts! Well, almost!


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