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Steering play


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My 1969 Series IIa has steering play to a point where it's no longer relaxed to take it out on the road.

I have changed all the balljoints including the ones on the arm between main steering box and the slave box in the front cross member.

Tried tightening up the bolt on the main steering box, that helped a bit....

Wheel bearings and swivels are OK.

What would be the main suspect here ? main steering box or the "slave"-box up front ?

Thanks !


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If you have replaced all six rod ends, then next check for play between the steering relay shaft and its arms - that can usually be sorted by tightening the pinch bolts, but worn splines will require new arms. Check the same for the drop arm from the steering box. Check for even the slightest movement in the swivel pins and Railko bushes - that causes a lot of play, and check the steering arms and bottom pins don't move relative to the swivel housings - that requires new studs in the bottom of the swivels. Steering box adjustment can help, but if the innards are worn out, then it'll need replacing.

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word of warning, if it is your steering relay then it is strongly advised to replace just the shaft with a genuine part, I have seen several horror stories of ones form blue boxes shearing after very few miles

Oh yes, had one of those, great fun...........thank god i was only offroading.


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Also check that the bottom of the relay is properly held in the chassis. The relay should be a good fit in the tube through the front crossmember, and then there is a plate bolted to the bottom to hold it. The 109's was also loose, and the chassis rotten around the tube, another reason for the PAS!

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