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Slight water loss


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Hi all.

Got a year 2000 FL Diesel 'L series' engine. Minter - 94k

Every now and again, I'll check under the bonnet to check the levels, and I've noticed the level in the coolant expansion tank drops about 10mm under the Max. So, of course, I fill it to the 'Max' - job's a gud 'un !

Then, maybe 3 months later, I'll check the levels (as I do quite often) and it'll again be 10mm under the max. So, obviously, again, I fill it to the max.

Then another 3 months later, it'll drop 10mm under the max again .... and so it goes.

To be honest, it's not really a big problem - more annoying really. There's no water under the car, when the engine's cold or hot. There's no water in the engine bay. There's no white gunk on the oil dipstick, and no white smoke, so I've ruled out head gasket problem. I thought maybe the expansion tank cap was leaking, so bought another one - but still, it loses the water.

In short, I'm losing 10mm of water every 3 months. Where's it going ? I'm tearing my hair out ! We took the car on holiday with us to Lincolnshire, which was about 500 miles over the course of a week, and it never lost a drop ! ! !

Thanks for any replies.

:( Cheers ........................ Matt

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Hiya boys. Thanks for all the replies.

Sorry, I should have made it clearer. I check my levels (oil - coolant - washer bottle) every week. Most of the time, the water in the coolant expansion bottle stays rigid on the 'MAX'.

But then, after about 3 months, the water drops 10mm below the max.

It's the 2 litre diesel 'L' series Rover engine. Engine runs fine - no problems. I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on it, and keep topping it up. It may seep out whilst I'm on the move, so maybe I don't get to see it. It's just annoying not knowing where it's coming from.

Cheers ............. Matt

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I wouldn't bother topping it up, just keep a bottle of premixed anitfreeze in the car, just in case. The next time it happens, leave it 10mm below the max line, and just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't o any further.

We had a similar problem with one of the 88's. We left it in the end and it never dropped any more. We were always topping the radiator header up to the bottom of the filler, and it would blow it out until it was only just covering the fins, but it stays there now.

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i have V6 FREELANDER it is over heating , the tank some times even has craks, last year i changed 3 expansion tanks , have changed the themostart, we had to remove the tubes going to the air con as it was found that under the mats we could find it wet. just this month it starts heating up what could the problem be?

also i have a microcat 201210, it gives me a message ' the version of microcat you are running is out of dateand will not contiune to run' . have changed the dset to 201210, mg16 and 17 put in mcler and syatem and syatem 32 . still can not run what can i do?

i am in zambia lusaka southern africa.

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is there where i can download and save it on my laptop? as it is i will have to go online each time i need a part

what could be the reasons for the failed head gasket? how can you tell that is is the head gasket? most mechianic in zambia do not know how to find a fault, that is is this one which is a problem by the time you know you will have spent a lot of money on repaires. just want to make sure.

for fault finding which is the best for land rovers all models and how much can it cost? new or second hand? where can i buy it?

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