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Replacing TD5 fuel pipes


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This (: http://forums.lr4x4....showtopic=23450) is an excellent item but if you are fairly confident that it's the green (the normal one) pipe that is leaking then you don't need to go to all that trouble.

Gain access to the fuel pump and disconnect the green pipe.

Get an old wire coat hanger and straighten it out. Insert it into the pipe (remove the green collar first) and secure it wwith some tape.

Then from the underside feel on top of the cross member in front of the tank and unclip the pipe from it's holder and then withdraw the pipe and wire.

disconnect the filter end and check that it's the culprit.

from underneath connect the pipe & wire in the same way and just feed it back in (two pairs of hands are good here)

Reconnect and use some cable ties to secure. You wont get it back in the clips if you have used the protection sleeve that is provided.

Took about 20 mins. and no leaks.

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