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fuel quantity acctuator fault


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Hi all

Have recently swapped my 2010 Nissan pathfinder for a 1999 RR 2.5 DT due to me not using it hardly with my new job.

Have done a service on it and swapped oil etc, ( not diffs, etc yet ) and mended driver window regualtor, etc just a few bits.

However, have noticed when driving it I was getting the Engine MIL light and lack of power when the engine was overruning ( i.e changing gears ) sometimes, maybe 1 in 20 times.

Have taken it to a local LR Independant who got it on his Autologic and was getting the above fault showing as logged.

After trawling lots of posts, etc I have seem lots with similar symptoms, and advice that it could be the Crank position sensor, Needle lift sensor or the Fuel Injection pump at fault.

As the CPS was the cheapest I went ahead and changed this but no change.

Regarding the readings from the CPS and NLS I did notice on his live readings that the values for both these seemed to match OK when we revved the engine, though we were only stood and not moving.

So, at a bit of a loss now as does it mean the only option left is to change the FIP or is there anything else I might be able to check first ?

Many thanks in advance


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