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Engine won't stop

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I've put a 200tdi lump in my 1986 110. Problem is, I have to stall it to stop it, or open the bonnet and pull the wire off the stop solenoid. This rules out the solenoid it's self.

Next I tried cycling the ignition with the engine off, and I hear the click. So I can only assume that the alternator is feeding the solenoid when it's runnig somehow? I have a feelin it's the switch. Although it switches ok with the engine off...

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You are one better than me - mine won't stop even with the wire pulled off - want to swap :-)

Bear in mind that the pull in voltage and the hold in voltage can be quite different. Once the solenoid has pulled in, the voltage can be significantly lower to hold it in. I'd look at all the wiring and check there are no sneak/false feeds getting in, even a few volts may be enough.

Maybe even remove the wire at the switch and see what voltage you can measure there. It's not a complicated circuit ! (Well mine isn't and I put a 200TDi in a 1990 110)



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It's always been diesel, it's ex mod.

Having poked about with the multi meter I am confirm the following voltages at the stop solenoid:

Ing on, engine on; 13.8v

Ign off, engine on, 1.1v

Ign off, engine off, 0v

So I must have a leak from the alternator somewhere?

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I see that on the back of the ign switch there is only one spade that is switched, and two black and white wires come off this. When I pull the wire off with ign on, I hear relays clicking. I may just rig up a separate switched wire but it doesn't solve the problem.

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If the solenoid works when you pull the wire off, you are probably on the right track with the alternator providing power to the stop solenoid, which is keeping the engine running even though the ignition switch is off.

Hasn't a diode the switch-side of the warning lamp been mentioned before?

Edit: see the following link.


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Its not going to be the altenator at fault. That feed wire to the solenoid should come from the ignition switch, and when off should be 0V.

Either the switch is faulty (but that would be strange to have 1V there) or theres some other short circuit or something else connected to that feed wire.

Is there any kind of relay or immobliser in that feed wire?

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