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Heater Controller

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Need to get the heater controller. The one on the left hand side of the dash. According to any info i can see the part number STC4848 is correct up to 2002.

However the harness that connects this to the heater plug is UTP1908.

Now the problem i see is that there are 2 electrical connections on STC4848, yet there are 3 on UTP1908.

Is STC4848 the wrong part for a td5? It shouldnt be if it goes up to '02?

post-4644-0-78353600-1358282949_thumb.jpg post-4644-0-83028400-1358282961_thumb.jpg

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On mine the third connection (which is the earth connection) attaches up towards the top of the slider. It seems to slot onto a tab that's affixed to the frame of the unit. See photo:


You can see the tab in the parts diagram here:


Not sure where that bit is on yours, can't see it on any of the other internet photos for STC4848 either :unsure:

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Yep, that'll work. It just provides the connection from the controller assembly to the earth header in the dash.

Just make sure that the controller actually drops the current to earth through it's body and not some particular part of it, so you can put the connection in the right place.

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On a similar theme......

Can any one confirm on later contoller - The Cable inner has a ring crimped on the heater end as opposed to a bare cable and how the flipp is this is supposed to fit

Obviously the earlier one you just pinch the cable inner after you have passed it through the little hole in the trunion, is there a special connecton for the TD 5 heater/cable ?

Sorry for the hyjack... :ph34r:

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