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V8i to 200tdi conversion


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Hey up.. I'm new to this form and to this,

I have just got hold of an early 90's disco v8 the v8 runs sweet as a nut but its to thirsty so I wondered about putting a 200tdi engine and ecu but leaving the v8 gear box in

I just wondered if any knew how hard it is and what would I need to do, I know about the fuel tank and a return pipe, glow plugs, bell housing, radiator and the engine mounts. Didn't know of their was anything else I was missing lol?

Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated :)

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Better off swapping the Diesel and a its manual gearbox together. No ECU with a 200tdi. A 300tdi would be a little easier. You will have to remove the V8 engine mounts and weld in the diesel engine mounts. Otherwise its a straight swap with some electrical puzzles but not too bad.

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