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The Mike Wolfe Memorial Winch Challenge Event - 2013

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The Mike Wolfe Memorial Winch Challenge 2013….

Hosted by : More 4x4 http://www.more4x4ltd.co.uk/ Hosts and Organisers www.LR4x4.com

Is DEFINITELY On …and back with the Original Organisers, and linked to LR4x4.com. I have today agreed with Shaun at ‘More 4x4’ with his backing and positive support. He & I and a few others will once again be running this event.

This event was started up some years ago now by a group of Friends and Relatives of Mike Wolfe who was tragically killed in a RTA.

Myself, Shaun (Then of ‘KCC’ fame now the same premises under ‘More 4x4’) Ed and a few others grew this from a initial event to a hugely popular and well supported one. It became “One defo for the 4x4 Calendar” for many. Unfortunately, this event has now been cancelled at the last minute by HBRO for the last 2 years and not been run, which is completely unacceptable, so, it’s now firmly back with us again :D

There will be much more to follow, but from our meeting today Shaun & I have agreed a simple template for the event.

Key points :

  • A Fun Event
  • Inexpensive to enter the Event
  • Free for Spectators
  • All Profits to Charity
  • Date - Summertime – We will try and book good weather !
  • ANY 4x4 can enter - Suzuki, LR, Fiat Panda :P ….
  • Max size Circa LR 110
  • Geared & Aimed at 1st or 2nd timers or Novices to WIN
  • Lean towards Road legal insured Taxed MOT full bodied trucks
  • Space Frame Multi £ssss High spec equipped 4x4s welcome, but unlikely to win
  • ALL levels are welcome but Points and Prizes geared hard in favour of the Novices
  • Majority of sections designed to be Non Damaging,
  • But some harder and some silly severe sections.... to cater for all levels.
  • A Limit to entries to ensure quality event for entrants

As mentioned points scoring will be HEAVILY weighted towards less Modified trucks, logic being that a single winch Full bodied 90 on say

Insa Turbo with No Lockers is levelled against top level trucks with massive modifications and experienced crews, so much that the top spec trucks

will be unlikely to be able to win !

More later, .....just a heads up......... its coming

Nige + Shaun and A&M Team of LR4x4

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Is it a case of less points per punch for the more able/modified type of truck ? I have enjoyed taking part in this event in the past , but have a traybacked three winched lockerede 90, now don't get me wrong I'm not entering this one to win - or trophy hunt, just wondered how its going to be levelled out ? And a big well done to all for getting running again :0)

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