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td5 bulkhead into 300tdi - wiper issues?

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Ive read quite a lot on here regarding fitting/converting a td5 bulkhead to suit a 300tdi and am part way through the process. I am a little confused though regarding windscreen wipers. My bulkhead is new (td5) and has oval wiper spindle holes and also a spot welded plate for the wiper motor.

So my question is can I fit the complete td5 wiper assembly and still use the standard 300tdi dash, if the dash needs mods, what are they?


Can I fit all the 300tdi wiper mech to the td5 dash after removing the motor mounting plate.

or do I mix and match?

Any advice from someone who has actually done it, gratefully received...



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Firstly you will need to use td5 wiper wheelboxes due to the oval holes as you mention.

If you want to keep the old style dash you will have to cut the td5 wiper motor mounting plate off and mount the wiper motor in original tdi position.

If you keep the mounting plate in situ my understanding is that you would need to use later dash.

I had a similar issue. I have td5 wiper wheelboxes and bulkhead but want to use early dash as i want to fit raptor dash for carling switches etc. I just cut the td5 plate off.


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I used the 200tdi motor that i already had but fitted new brush pack, td5 gear (as you will need that if you use td5 wheelboxes) so you get correct angle of wiper throw. The actual spiral drive itself is the same as far as i recall. Though its quite a while since i fitted it.

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I've just done this, I fitted the td5 wiper setup, the problem I've com across is the wiper tube gets in the way of the vent operating levers. There's also a bit of cutting of the dash too. Looking back if I'd know then I'd probably fit the old setup on and weld a washer in the wiper spindle holes to make it round

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To be honest I've not done anything about it yet, I've had other things to do on it at the same time so it's not finished yet. I think the only real alternative, other than sealing the vents shut, is to cut and shut the linkage a little, but that's not as easy as it sounds.

It may be possible to bend the tube a bit to clear it to but I didn't fancy doing that if I can help.

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Ive still to encounter the vent lever problem as i havent fitted them yet.

What part of the dash did you have to cut??

Sorry missed that question. I had to cut the black panel that the vent levers bolt too, to fit round the motor, and also the lower dash corner, that normally covers the motor. Though I haven't fitted that bit yet.

Just remembered too, if you fit the original wiper setup the wiping tube then won't fit without modifying the brackets on the bulkhead that hold the upper dash panel

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OK so I've mounted td5 spindles, the rest is 300tdi, mounted as standard with the td5 bracket removed from the bulkhead. I guess I now need to swap the gear in the wiper motor to the same as td5 to get the wiper sweep right?? If so does anyone have a part number please.



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I did this a while back TD5 into 300tdi, had the cut the mounting bracket of and fit threaded rivets to hold the 300tdi motor in place.

The bracket on the inside middle was also cut at the bottom to let the wiper tube run true alone to both wheel boxes, the top of the bracket was left that hold the dash.

As for the oval hole - I turned some nylon bushes with a lip to the outside size of the oval and then filed two flats and drilled for the 300tdi wheel box spindles.

Did have to cut some plastic on the dash to get it to fit back in place but not that much.

Been like that for over a year and had no problems except the grub screw on the spindles coming loose.

Fitted them with grease instead of lock tight.

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