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Degreasing fluid for parts cleaner?

Stevie D

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As the title says what's the best fluid / solvent for a small machine mart parts washer, I can get my hands on keytone / toluene etc but am wary of using that in the washer with the flamabiltiy risk - I'm probably going to get some kerosene as that's got a much better flash point. Rtied to get some gunk but that's very expensive. there's a few new 'environmentally friendly' solvents about but these are even more expensive.

I want to clean swivels, cv's etc so whatever I use isn't going to stay to clean for long.

The local dump takes waste oil etc so proper disposal isn't an issue.

What are you guys using?

Thanks Steve

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I had parafin in before but it gradually reverted to something similar to crude oil.

I now use rock oil soluble oil cleaner (SOC), comes in 25litre drums and i think they were about £30 a drum. I'm very impressed with what it can achieve with no manual scrubbing.

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