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H1 HID spotlamp upgrades?

Stevie D

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Anybody modified any standard halogen H1 fitted lamps?

I've a pair of Cibie Super Oscars that I feel would benifit. With the price of the kits now bavailable for around £20 on that popular auction site I was going to give it a go.

ARe the lamp units / bulbs a straight swop - or are modifications needed? I know the ballasts need to go somewhere.

Am I wasting my time and money - or is it a worthwilst job?

Cheers Steve.

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Ive converted both KC day lighters and IPF 8" spots to HID.

I think it is a worthwhile mod.

In both cases Ive used one of the newer micro ballasts and managed to fit the ballast in the back of the shell of the light. Meaning only a 12v feed coming out of the light. I held the ballast in place with Tiger seal.

The Wipac 8" units work well to HID conversion as well but I couldn't fit the ballast in the shell so had to extend the HV side of the lamps..


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Yes I have done it to my 8" spots mounted on the bullbar.

THIS type, fitted a 50w 4300k kit from THIS seller on ebay

Mounted the ballast behind grill and the only mod I had to do was enlarge the cable entry on the back of the lamp body for the plugs. Just fitted a larger gromit to seal the larger entry hole. The bulb is a straight swap

I know halogen lamps are not designed for HID light pattern but I only use these lamps off road and the difference in light output between a 50w hid and the original 100w halogens is incredible!


Headlamps 35w H4 hi/lo HID

Spots 50w H1 HID

Roof lights 55w H7 halogen

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I have converted a pair of Hella 3003 to 35W HID 4300 k and the light pattern is even better than with the standard H1 bulbs. Both reach and spread is improved.

Converting H4 is a completely different matter that should be avoided... :rtfm:

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On both or our Land Rovers have I converted the spot lamps ( Bosch 225 & Hella 3000) to 35W HID, 4300K. In both cases it has made a huge difference in light output. I agree with the above comment, keep your eyes open for the new micro/slim ballast they are much better.


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