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2ootdi injector fuel leak-off pipe spec?


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Thanks both. In between me posting and reading your replies, I've put a caliper on the little metal pipes and they are o/d = 4mm. I then went to local diesel specialist and he has supplied me 3mm braided i/d which he reckons will fit.

I wil try it but will then be ready to pop to halfords if it doesnt fit. I normally triy to avoid halford like the plague... but they do seem to come up trumps with Fuels hose. When I replaced the main fuel hoses they were way cheaper than local motor factors.

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Hmm... i take that back - looks like halfords have stopped supplying fuel hose from the reel. Told the sales guy that was disappointing.

Anyway the stuff supplied to me from the diesel specialist was fine. I should have more faith!

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