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Double 'knock' when going over a bump...

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Hi All,

I've got a problem at the moment that everytime I go over a bump or pothole, the car makes a loud knocking noise- it's as though there is a knock as it goes over the bump then another one milliseconds after (as though a spring is bouncing up and down and knocking on the rebound). So far I've replaced:

Front Turrets (one rusted through so replaced both)

Front Dampers and bushes

Rear Dampers and bushes

A-Frame Ball Joint- which was knackered!

Rear Rasius arm bushes.

I'm also going to change the front radius arm bushes and the panhard rod bushes shortly, but can you guys think of anything else to check that I might have missed- it's doing my nut as I know it's not ment to do it!!!

It's a 200tdi 90, 1990 if that helps......

Thanks in advance,


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Sounds a fair plan to me. My money is on the panard bushes.

Check for king pins and steering ball joints as well. Unlikely to be the noise, but it sounds like the vehicle has reached an age where it all needs a really good in-depth inspection?

I did have a knock, as I had put too longer bolt in the steering box end of the panard rod. It is worth a look for collisions and not to cause any ;)

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